Monday, 8 September 2014

Soon school starts...

You feel it everywhere, the thoughts of another school year, the uncertainty in the air. Students are chattering glibly, about the curriculum forthcoming, and the faculty readily available, acknowledging that school is becoming. Students look forward to greet friends, to participate in sports and activities more, for enjoyment and personal satisfaction, but frown upon homework galore. So many students, so many minds, there will not be a day without some event, the fountain of wisdom flows through books, and every school year should be well spent. 

 A few days ago I received a package full of cool stickers and other cute stuffs as well from mr. Wonderfull ShopMy package contained three little notebooks, a DIN A5 notebook, a pack of stickers, a huge rubbish, a mug, four cards and at least a vanilla ice cream scented candle.